Mission-Vision-Core Values



SPF-Danmark will provice competitive trade and transport services in a sustainable and value-creating collaboration with customers at home and abroad.


SPF-Danmark, as a service, logistics and trading company, will be the preferred partner in Europe for trading and transport of Danish pigs.

Core values








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  • Our personnel is the most valueable asset in SPF-Danmark
    • The employees are the foundation of SPF-Danmark, combined with mutual respect, trust, openness and freedom under responsibility. Our flat management structure ensures a close dialogue between management and employees, which results in a good working environment and high employee satisfaction. This is also instrumental in maintaining a competent and ambitious staff.

  • Responsible
    • SPF-Denmark complies with agreements, laws, rules and obligations. It is always a common responsibility for all employees in SPF-Denmark to ensure word-keeping, compliance with rules and a natural focus on animal welfare in the daily operational tasks.


  • Creating value 
    • Customer service is one of the most important parameters for SPF-Denmark to create value for our customers, owners and internally within the organization. Dialogue, flexibility and readiness for change are key elements in this context, and at SPF-Denmark we have a constructive approach to the tasks.

  • Action and result oriented
    • Our ambition is to run a commercial business that, with a special focus on optimization and cost consciousness, can create an economic result that ensures SPF-Danmark's existence, freedom of action and development.