SPF-Danmark transports 16 million pigs annually, from farm to farm and from farm to abattoir. We employ 183 specialist drivers to run our fleet of 145 custom-built lorries. We are 237 employeers in SPF-Danmark.

Forty years ago a group of dynamic and visionary farmers saw that the way ahead was to rationalise the sale and transport of pigs and so, in 1971 the SPF company was born. A key element of the SPF approach was the desire to prioritise health and genetics so as to promote efficient production.

The SPF concepts has become an international standard and is fundamental to Denmark's pig industry. Indeed, for the past four decades the system has been essential to the high quality levels reached in genetics, logistics and health.

We take pride in sharing our Danish expertise, quality and know-how with all pig producers.

Why SPF-Danmark as your partner in pig transporting and production?

-         Reliable partner

-         Quality

-         Internationally acknowledged

-         Close contact with Danish suppliers

-         Know-how


Jens Kongensholm,

Managing Director

SPF-Danmark (Dansk Grisetransport)

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