Terms of business

SPF-Danmark A/S, Vat reg. no. 3174 4520. SPF-Danmark's CHR no.

is 062053.


SPF-Danmark's Terms of Business specify the terms on which all commercial activities are

performed by SPF-Danmark, including the purchase, sale and transport of pigs.


The Terms of Business in force you will find here 


Fair conditions

To ensure fair conditions for all parties to the transaction, the Terms of Business specify the applicable rights and obligations and the consequences should any of the parties not live up to them.

According to Danish purchasing laws, the seller and buyer respectively are under an obligation to familiarize themselves with the Terms of Business before entering into a business agreement.


 Liability waiver in case of purchased infection

SPF-Danmark accepts no liability for compensation should it transpire that the breeding stock sold is infected with a disease or condition that spreads to the rest of the buyer's herd. The buyer thus bears the full risk of loss of earnings and other indirect losses esulting from the spread of infection.