SPF-Danmark offers 7 and 30 kg weaners from production herds with either SPF-declared or unknown health status.

Good health is a prerequisite for fully utilising the pigs' genetic potential for high daily gain, high feed conversion ratio, high lean meat percentage and high meat quality, all of which are necessary for profitable pig production. The health status on receipt depends on the transport form chosen by the buyer.

No matter whether production is based on AI/AO, WTF, multi-site or standard systems, SPF-Danmark's sales consultants will be able to locate the best supplier herds.

Our breeding programme focuses on genetic progress in such quality parameters as uniformity and weight, traits which can maximise profitability.


7 kg pigs

cf.   EU's Transport Regulation

Pig circle contracts

SPF-Danmark will be pleased to arrange a meeting between a Danish weaner supplier and a foreign buyer if required.



Finisher producers demand weaners capable of giving good results. Nowadays, an ever increasing number of pig circle contracts contain a clause in which it is specified that the sow owner shall purchase breeding stock from DanAvl. This benefits the sow owner, among other things by increasing the number of live-born piglets per litter, and the finisher producer is assured delivery of weaners with unsurpassed genetic potential. A potential which is fully realised in the finisher herds, where genetic progress provides higher daily gain, feed conversion ratio and lean meat percentage.

Excerpts from "IX. Warentest 2008"