The Danish SPF system

The Danish SPF system is the world's most comprehensive health programme for pigs. It has been developed over the last 40 years by SPF-Danmark.   

Today, 70% of Danish sows are housed in SPF production herds, while 98% of the sows in DanBred nucleus and multiplier herds are covered by the SPF system. 

The SPF system has been developed and adapted with deep respect for the preservation of safety.

SPF sets Danish standard

The SPF system has set the standard for all pig herds in Denmark with respect to:

  • protection against infection,
    • which ensures that infectious disease is not introduced into the herd
  • health inspection,
    • which ensures that disease is not spread via trade and transport
  • declaration of health statusfor individual herds,
    • which allows pig buyers to plan their purchases to suit the health status of their own herds
  • tradein live pigs (breeding stock and weaners),
    • in which every transaction is based on written agreements and detailed terms which have been accepted by the parties. Transport of pigs, which is performed in accordance with carefully defined rules in specially designed vehicles which provide effective protection against infection during transport.

Conditions for SPF status

To have his herd declared as being an SPF herd, the pig producer must sign a written agreement with SPF-SuS. In the agreement, he undertakes to follow "SPF Health Rules". These rules specify requirements on:


  • protection against infection
    • receipt and delivery of pigs, distance to neighbouring herds, visitors, deliveries of feed and litter, etc.
  • health inspection
    • daily inspection by personnel, monthly inspection by external veterinaries, reporting of undesirable symptoms, monthly/annual testing of blood samples
  • purchase of pigs
    • with known health status
  • transport of pigs to herd
    • in approved SPF vehicles which are owned by a carrier approved by SPF-SuS.