SPF-Danmarks's Terms of transport

SPF-Danmark performs its transport operations in accordance with:

• Current legislation

SPF-Sund' Transport Rules

• Own supplementary provisions


Current legislation

Both the EU and Denmark have introduced legislation concerning the transport of pigs. EU regulations are stipulated in


EU's Transport Regulation

Annexes to the Transport Regulation

Danish regulations are only available in Danish.


SPF-Danmark's supplementary provisions

EU and Danish regulations are supplemented in SPF-Danmark's Terms of Business with additional provisions, e.g. conditions concerning:

• assignment of responsibility to the seller, buyer and SPF-Danmark during transport

• access conditions

• loading and unloading facilities

• pig fitness for transport

• vehicle cleaning facilities at the recipient's


SPF-SuS' Transport Rules

In order to transport pigs under the SPF system, SPF-Danmark has been approved by SPF-Sund as an SPF Carrier and must therefore adhere to SPF Transport Rules.


Among other things, SPF Transport Rules specify requirements on:

• Transport sequence depending on health status

• Loading and unloading

• Vehicle cleaning and disinfection

• Quarantine periods

• Design of infection-proof vehicles with special air filters, etc.

• SPF driver training