Transport - general

SPF-Danmark is the world's largest carrier of breeding stock and weaners. We transport 15 million pigs annually, from farm to farm and from farm to abattoir. We employ 183 specialist drivers to run our fleet of 145 custom-built lorries. This means we are flexible and we can deliver consignments of up to 630 weaners or from 120 to 180 breeding pigs per lorry.

Developed over the last 35 years, the SPF transport system is designed to maintain the pigs' high health status during transport from supplier to recipient. Protection against infection and vehicle hygiene are cornerstones of the SPF transport system, in which animal welfare is also a top priority.


Transport planning

Our team of highly trained and conscientious drivers and planners utilize state-of-the-art planning software to ensure smooth and efficient transport.

Our transport section is highly professional and possesses extensive knowlegde of animal welfare, hygiene and infection control.

The vehicles are chosen to suit customer needs and wishes and are equipped to meet all requirements on animal welfare. Convenient collection and delivery times are agreed in advance with the seller and buyer. And customers are always contacted by the driver prior to loading or unloading.

Animal welfare

SPF vehicles are designed with the focus on animal welfare. The container can be heated in cold weather and the pigs can be cooled by water spray in warm weather. The vehicles have slip-proof flooring and drinking water facilities for the animals. Wood chips are spread on the floor before every transport. The pigs are given ample space as compliance with Danish regulations and the EU Regulation on "the protection of animals during transport" is ensured during the transport planning phase.

During long-distance transports lasting more than 8 hours, the animals are naturally given the statutory rest periods and are fed.


SPF-Danmark's drivers are highly trained, both in driving the large heavy goods vehicles concerned and in the transport and handling of pigs.

A good many of them have years of experience in the international transport of pigs over long distances to a variety of countries.