Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading of Pigs must be carried out carefully, as the pigs' welfare and the requirements to he SPF-hygiene must be observed.









Prior to the arrival of the SPF-carriage all pigs must be directed from the pens out to the delivery/transferral room. This works like a lock to avoid any contamination from any pigs on the truck. This room is divided into compartments of variable sizes.

After the driver has reversed the truck up to the loading ramp he must take on clean overalls and clean boots. After he has put on the overall he steps into the boots, which are placed on the clean and disinfected area. The employees in the stables have disinfected this area in advance.




The driver receives bedding from inside the stable to spread out in the truck. Then he gently directs the pigs onto the lift and into the truck. By far most loadings are performed easily because pigs are curious and therefore like to walk on to the truck by themselves.

The last pigs are ready to be directed into the rear compartment of the truck as the lift is raised forming the back of the body of carriage. The driver acknowledges receiving the pigs on a delivery note. If the load contains any breeding pigs their individual data (number, date of birth, quality of breed etc.) is written on the delivery note. If the load contains piglets the amount and total weight is written on the delivery note, as the vehicles are fitted with weighing equipment.







On arrival to the receiving herd the driver performs the identical procedure of changing clothes as for loading. This time, however, he does not put on clean clothes, but the same clothes he used at the time of loading. These clothes have been kept in the storage section for "clothes in use". When the lift is laid down on the receiving ramp the pigs are guided out of the body of carriage.

The recipient guides them into stables' pens as the driver must not enter the stables.
After unloading the recipient acknowledges the receipt on the delivery note.
During transport the overall is stored in a closed bag.