Washing and disinfecting

In SPF-system the hygiene standard of SPF-vehicle is very high. Careful washing and disinfecting of the body of carriage shall prevent any possible infection to be transmitted from one load to the next.

Vask-4.jpg rengoering.jpg

After unloading, the truck is driven onto the recipient's washing area. Any bedding and manure is swept out of the body of carriage. It is mandatory for the recipient to accept these
by-products of the pigs.


After the driver has put on his personal, protective equipment (face mask and gloves), he can start the integrated washing equipment of the vehicle. 

Water shall be taken from the farmers tap, and a soap solution is added
Vask-1.jpg rengoering.jpg

A washing process is
very demanding, since all the corners and edges must be completely clean.

One wash will take between one and two hours, depending on the number of floors
of the carriage.

When all surfaces are
absolutely clean a disinfectant is sprayed onto all surfaces.  Naturally, environmentally-friendly  substances shall be used.


The cleaning performance is checked on a regular basis, for instance by performing smear
tests from selected areas on board of the vehicle.